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STEP 1: Prep Your Nails
Soak nails in warm water, gently push back cuticles and shape nails. It’s also important to apply a thin base coat, like the Essie Here to Stay, before going in with any other colors.

STEP 2: Mix Your Colors
To create the sheer, jelly-looking polish, you’re going to need a bright or neon nail polish and a top coat, like Essie Speed Setter. For a fall look we’ve been loving, try Essie Don’t Be Spotted. Using double the amount of top coat as color, mix the two polishes together in a dish.

STEP 3: Apply Two Coats
Using your mixture, apply a very thin layer onto nails. Make sure to let the first coat dry before following up with a second coat. This will give you a translucent, jelly-like manicure. Want your polish to be more opaque? Just add a little more color into your mixture.

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